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Ready, Set, Go!

Bellasera Editor

May 5, 2023

On Saturday, May 5th, close to sixty Bella- sera residents attended a program present- ed by the City of Scottsdale Fire Department on the Ready, Set, Go program and how to be prepared in case of an emergency.


The hour-long program covered how to pre- pare for an emergency such as a wildfire in our NAOS areas and what residents can do to make their home safe from fires. You can clear flammable fuels away from your home and you should prepare an emergency go kit with enough food, water and emergency supplies for 72 hours. Those attending were also encouraged to have an evacuation plan and a plan to communicate with other fami- ly members in case of an emergency.


Once you are prepared for the emergency, stay alert and be aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood. In case of a fire you should notice the smoke and the arrival of the fire department equipment to combat the blaze. Stay aware of the situation and prepare to evacuate if told to do so. Close all your windows and doors. Close your shutters or curtains to keep heat out of your home. Park your car in your driveway head- ing out so you can exit quicker if told to do so. The electricity may go out and you may not be able to open your garage door easily.


This will be the time to evacuate. The dan- ger in your area is imminent and life-threat- ening. Please follow the instructions from emergency personnel.


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