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 A new hiking season is upon us! As with past seasons, we depend on individuals to volunteer to lead a hike.  This year we are hoping to have 2 - 3 hikes each month.  Each volunteer will select a month, a day, and a trail; email to update the website and put in the newsletter with the meeting time and hike description (be sure to include length, elevation and difficulty level); post the sign-up sheet in the clubhouse; and lead the group on hike day. 

If you are looking to join in the fun please go to the Website and click on clubs.   Find the Hiking club and join the club.   You will receive emails that are only sent to hiking club members.

Self-Rating Definitions:

  1. Easy –        Max 5 miles round trip - elevation less than 1000ft.

  2. Medium – Max 6 - 10 miles round trip - elevation 1000 - 2000ft

  3. Hard –       Long, strenuous, difficult

Contact Person -  Caryn Hollander - 847-207-0035

Future Hikes 

Join the Club!

Thanks for joining! We look forward to seeing you on the trails.

No upcoming events at the moment

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